August 7th, 2012

Cullen Skink

Nothing to do with Twilight. Tonight, I made soup!

More specifically, "Cullen Skink", which I saw likened to a chowder but "more hearty". It's named after a town in Scotland, in Moray. I used the BBC recipe above, but with less tubs of cream and butter (I used creme fraiche and milk edit: No, I lie, I didn't use milk after all, just a small tub of creme fraiche).

Plus, I used about half of my "stock" vegetables in the soup part - I wasn't really sure what to do with them. :\ It says how to make the stock, and then you strain out the haddock and reserve the liquid... and the enormous pile of vegetables (I bought fennel specially!) just sort of disappear from the recipe. So instead of fresh shallots and leeks in step four, I borrowed from the "stock vegetables". (I have enough left over to have the rest of the "white veg" for tea tomorrow, with some mackerel. :))

It looks lovely. I'm going to have it for dinner tomorrow, hopefully. Now I just need to find a magic "microwave-able soup mug" like Monika at work has (it's hard plastic with a vent in the lid so soup doesn't splort everywhere when you're reheating it), and I'll be all set.

Plus, I used my blender for the first time in ages. :) I forgot how much I liked my blender. I can make smoothies for work, again, instead of having to buy them! Yaay. (I was getting bored of always "strawberries and bananas" and "mango and passionfruit".)

(PS: On the Yorkie advert, when does he close the boot of the car? XD)