July 27th, 2012


Impending gardening

I need to do some gardening this weekend, otherwise Thundercracker will get a chance to consolidate his bid for kitchen dominion. ¬_¬

Last saturday, Mum gave me a "Mina lobata" (Mexican firecracker, aka "ipomoea lobata") vine seedling. Since seeing one in their garden, it has become one of my favourite plants, and it crops up in my art all over the place, examples:
...in Mirii's hair
...being carried by the little green bird.

It was only a couple of inches tall when she gave me it - short enough to fit inside a sandwich bag with its pot, with room to spare...

...the little seedling has subsequently grown about two feet in the last week. ¬_¬ It has also latched onto the pinks in the kitchen windowsill and is using them as a frame to climb up.

I have called it "Thundercracker" (come on, how could I *not*) and am hoping he survives when he gets out on the balcony.
Thundercracker pt1 Thundercracker, pt1
This was such a weedy little thing when Mum gave it to me - probably only about a third as tall as this? In two days, it's grown a good few inches. It's surprising me how fast it's growing, actually.
Thundercracker, pt2 Thundercracker, pt2
Two days later, and he's moved to the kitchen (sitting in the French window was frazzling him a bit, in that little pot). Mr Pink evidently makes a good climbing frame.
Thundercracker, pt3 Thundercracker, pt3
....and we have another inch or two of growth! He's obviously beginning his bid for dominion of the kitchen by strangling the "Reservoir Pinks".

...I dream to think what I'm going to find when I get home. I can't be continually unwinding him off stuff XD.