May 3rd, 2012


The drought continues

Ever since the 1st April, the rain hasn't stopped. There's flood warnings in place across the country... and we're still (officially) in a drought, because the water-table is so low. Typical!

The roundabout near the Ravenswood estate has a big sign up this morning - "Flood!" What they mean is, after the deluge we had last night, there's a big puddle taking up half the road. It's a good job I decided not to cycle today (I was on-call last night), because I'd have had to wade across it.

They should have declared the hosepipe ban 6 months ago, then we might have got rain when we were meant to. :P

Lastly, I emailed myself some links, from home, and YET AGAIN I haven't received the email. In fact, over the course of the last few weeks, I haven't received ANY of the emails I've sent myself from my Gmail. The hospital has always blocked access TO webmail - as in, you can't log into it - but they'd not overtly blocked receiving emails FROM Gmail.

You can't save to USB sticks (unless they're encrypted), you can't email yourself stuff... I wonder how they think we're meant to take stuff home to work on? <:P My options now are: my email (or burn stuff to CD to take it home). That's pretty much it.