April 23rd, 2012

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Memento Mori, Chapter 25

It’s been twenty two days since my last update. *le sigh* I need to be less nitpicky, less distracted, and more write-y, because I can’t edit / publish this if it’s not finished. Ragh.

My current count includes only my posted words. I have another 1600 words or so lurking on the master file (that’s getting on for 1% of story!); 170 in a prologue I’m going to put in and the remainder in the next chapters that come after what I’ve posted. I’m trying to be good and not write all the “fun” chapters first; joining everything up afterwards ends up with me throwing a lot of words away, that way.

( Fake cut to chapter 25 ) Dreamwidth Mirror In which Blink finally makes good her escape – but where are the danata taking her? Has she maybe just climbed out of the frying pan, and got straight into the fire?

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