April 9th, 2012


Icon relevant, emotion not relevant

Dear world:
If your "recipe" reads: make up cake mix according to box, cook
...then it is NOT a recipe.

Either that, or the fact I can microwave "sweet and sour chicken and rice" must make me a masterchef.

Situation is: I want to make cakes for work, because a colleague is raising money for when she runs the London Marathon and people have been donating cakes to help out, and I WANT IN. Anyway.

One colleague said "Oh I just go 8884" (8 flour, 8 margarine, 8 sugar, 4 eggs) but I didn't get time to ask her for the rest of the details. So instead, I go looking for "cupcake recipes". Simple enough task, right? Google gives me a million and one results. Awesome!

...99.99999% shouldn't have the nerve to call themselves recipes, you know? It's not a "recipe" if your instructions are "make up cake batter mix as per packet, cook".

The other fraction of a percent are American, and want things like "buttermilk". Does that even still exist as a "thing" you can buy in the UK? (After Googling around a bit, I think they might have it in Sainsbury's. I'll poke my nose in on the way home from work tomorrow.)

(It's like when Jill posted her delicious-sounding cornbread, I had to run off to Google to work out what name we sold "cornmeal" under. Turns out it's "polenta".)