March 29th, 2012


Fuel strike

So for those not in the know, there's a fuel tanker strike impending.

The government says "please don't panic buy", which I imagine a lot of people interpret as "OH GOD IT'S GOING TO BE TERRIBLE WHY ELSE WOULD THEY MENTION PANIC BUYING??!"

It's barely a quarter to eight in the morning when the bus gets to Sainsbury's, and there's already a queue of cars coming out from the petrol station and all the way down to the roundabout (ok, so only about 10 or 11 cars, but it's still a queue).

Never have I been so glad I have Whites for when I need him. ¬_¬ I myself am considering doing a few emergency purchases, but mostly just of long-life milk in case the lorries can't get to the supermarkets with fresh if it does all kick off.