February 5th, 2012



OK, so, the snow situation:

Yeah, we got dumped on pretty well last night. XD Maybe just shy of six inches of the stuff? I ran around this morning taking pictures while it was all still smooth and white and perfect, so I may try and get those uploaded later (but more importantly, right now I must drink my delicious hot chai).

I did have a mini-avian emergency though, as the robins and sparrows were all queuing up on my balcony to get to their seed mix... and it was all buried. O_o I had to sweep off a load of snow so they could get at their food.

Edit: I have two - TWO - robins on my balcony, eating the food together and not fighting. :D One stood and postured a bit when the other one came along, but then they got back to eating. I'm glad I put out two piles of food.
MM Blink

Memento Mori, Chapter 20

( Fake cut to chapter 20 (Dreamwidth Mirror)) In which Halli and Rae discuss some of the more worrying things preying on their minds, and Blink learns a little more about her new home, and new hosts. And works out from crossing swords with Tevak that escaping is not going to be easy.

Another longish chapter (7500-ish words). Because I never seem to have any joy with dividing chapters up, I decided to just... keep going until the point I'd decided on as a stop point.

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