January 27th, 2012

no rules in art

Arthouse Sketchbook 2012!

OK, so remember this?

Well, I signed up for it again, this year! And... mostly forgot about it until a week ago. ¬_¬ I now have until Monday (I think NOT INCLUDING Monday) to finish it. Fortunately there's only 18 16 (I miscounted) leaves in the book, so I only have to actually create about 15 pictures total. (That Moleskine last year almost killed me, not to mention the fiddly thin paper was murder.)

My theme is "Prehistoric". I'm sticking with the theme of it being a book from "Deixar Central Lending Library", because I have some more of the cute little library card pockets, and it means I can have a bit of fun with it. XD

I had this idea this morning - I'm going to put a "post-it note" in the front cover, with this message on it:
"If I have to pay ONE MORE LATE FINE on your behalf, I am going to scream, so help me.
I think I need to MAKE a post-it note, as I only have girly pink heart-shaped ones, but then maybe a girly pink heart-shaped one suits the author, I don't know?

I am a little stuck for idea on what to put on the rest of my unfinished pages, though. :( Thoughts? I NEEDS IDEAS, PRECIOUS.
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