January 21st, 2012

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Memento Mori, Chapter 19

Bit of a long chapter this time. (Almost 8000 words; I've been trying to keep to around 5000 for ease of reading, but I got carried away, haha. At least it's not like last time, where I divided a chapter because it was getting too long and it ended up 3 chapters.)

( Fake cut to chapter 19 (Dreamwidth Mirror)) In which the Library discuss where Blink might have "sneaked away" to, and Blink finds that she's not precisely in the company of friends any more - although precisely how much trouble she is in, right now, hasn't quite sunk in yet.

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In other news, I've been fiddling about with my plot for "Future Tense"; I think I've got such a bad case of writer's block because I have lots of notes, and a general idea of where I'm taking it, but... there doesn't really seem to be much cohesiveness with it all.

Lastly, I was listening to Adele "I'll Be Waiting" while I was at the bus stop last night (because it's one of my favourite tracks, right now). Usually, I think of it as Sepp's (Lines like "Yes, I swam dirty waters; But you pushed me in" particularly remind me of her and Hack's relationship XD) but a certain red jet bullied his way into my consciousness and said "MINE". Soooo he can have it as well. ¬_¬ (The track itself, on YouTube)

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