January 17th, 2012



Because I'm on-call, tonight, I cycled in to work on Whites this morning, and it must have been the coldest, frozenest morning of the year so far. (...I know, it's January, it's meant to be freezing, but we've had a ridiculously mild, nonthreatening winter so far this season.) I left the flat when it was still slightly dark, out, so the lights were on indoors and made it impossible to see how hard the frost was until you actually got outside.

I don't think I've ever been so cold when cycling that it made my ears hurt inside. It's not exactly a long trip - about 2.8 miles? - and I was just starting to warm up again by the time I got to Heath Road, but cycling down past B&Q was horrible. XD It felt like about -10, out.

Something HAS sort of gone wrong with the EADT weather forecast, though. Max temp 5C, min temp 6C? (Ignoring the fact that the world is going to cease to exist at midnight on Friday, because it's a "five day forecast" with no fifth day).

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