November 28th, 2011

Digging the Great Escape

"Digging the Great Escape"
"Engineers, archaeologists and serving RAF officers head to the site of the 1944 event, to excavate the remains of the tunnel that allowed 76 men to escape a German PoW camp. The experts hope to understand how inmates managed to dig the tunnel - known as Harry - using only rudimentary tools right under the noses of their German guards. Mystery also surrounds what happened to the 90 bunk beds, 635 mattresses and 3,424 towels stolen from the camp."

What makes it so much more remarkable is that they were digging through sand. Even the archaeologists that are trying to dig down to the tunnel are having a nightmare digging through it. Every time they dig down, the sand collapses under the pressure. The modern engineers have had to stop digging because of it, because they think that if they get to Harry, it could collapse and they'll lose it forever. :(

It's fascinating to watch the modern day RAF officers trying to replicate the techniques the original tunnellers used, though. They've already made the little tunnel railway, and one of the original escapees has had a turn on it. XD They're now trying to dig a version of the tunnel, and they're having the same issue with the sand collapsing.

- If you get the chance to see this, watch it; it's brilliant. XD I'm sure it'll be up on YouTube somewhere. (I just don't know which channel will be available in which country.)

Prague was awesome, by the way. As soon as LJ stops getting DDoS'ed, and my legs stop aching XD I'll post about it.