November 20th, 2011

MM Blink

Memento Mori, Chapter 9

And we're almost up to double figures, with the chapter numbers!

Nice to see that the official widgets are still broken. All that red! *le sob* Very demotivational. Maybe I'll make one into a "demotivational" icon for when things aren't going so well (oh, so that'll be all the time, then). Aaannnd Firefox is being flakey; it's such fun, not being able to see what I've actually selected! *huff*

( On with the show! The obligatory fake cut to Chapter Nine ) Dreamwidth Mirror In which Blink and Rae finally meet up with something that seems like other intelligent life, but there might be bad things in store for Blink....

36246 50000

Edit: ffff it's the 20th already. *cry*