November 19th, 2011

Easily distracted

Perils of Spellcheck?

I think the guy doing subtitles for Law and Order: SVU had his/her spellchecker on, because this just came up for the voice speaking right at the start:
"The detectives that investigate these viscous felonies (blablabla, I missed the rest because I was giggling)"
Edit: Oh! and a guy just took a "leave of absents".
It's weird. They can get a made-up word like "localvore*" correct, but not the real ones.

Although I'm probably not one to talk, right now, I'm using OpenOffice on my craptop and the squiggly-line function doesn't work. I probably have a big smattering of nonwords through my Nano. Good thing is, because I can't see them, I don't worry about them. ^___^

Inner Editor: offline.

They just did the health lottery draw, and the numbers are the sort that always make me go "ooh! pattern!": 42, 43, 33, 14, 15

*: As I understand it from the guy's description, a "localvore" is someone who eats locally grown organic produce, when it's in season where they live, rather than fly produce in from abroad. I just call that being a conscientious shopper, personally - I mean, I love asparagus, and I like to try and buy organic, but flying in a bunch of organically-grown Argentinian asparagus seems to defeat the object of growing it organically.

ARGH must get back to NaNoing. I have a chapter almost finished and I'm watching TV instead. BAH.