November 13th, 2011

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Memento Mori, Chapter 6

Two whole chapters in just one weekend! (And you know what? I'm enjoying this plot. The last couple of NaNos have felt a little wishy-washy - my first Nano is still my favourite, but this is coming up on my second favourite. :) Even if I AM still behind on the wordcount.)

Usual drill!
( Follow the fake cut to chapter six ) Dreamwidth Mirror In which our stranded heroes meet up with their first blight, and Blink gets a lot closer than she'd have liked.

And another weird coincidence on the numerical front. Although I have a bunch of words that I haven't put into postable format yet, my completed chapter wordcount is ... almost exactly halfway to 50,000. AND it was completely accidentally. WORLD, why you give me strange coincidences.

25027 50000