November 10th, 2011

More research...

So, there was a topic on the NaNoForums about the strange things you end up researching as part of your Nano, and I thought I'd keep track of the stuff I end up looking up as I work my way through, because something ALWAYS pops up, no matter how well you researched things at the start.

So far, I have:
Symptoms of hypothermia
Cherenkov radiation (Such a pretty blue! Pretty lethal blue, too, I imagine. XD )
How far is it to ''the horizon''?
Update 15/11: Carbonated water; does it contain carbonic acid
What would the effect be on the Earth (i.e. and similar planets) if we had no Moon? (PDF)

Edit: Yes I AM up late, I took a nap earlier. Shush.

And I only just realised how appropriate my music choice is, haha. I've not listened to this artist in years (since... 2005, probably?), I dug the CD out for the first time in forever:
"Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten
Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten

Haha, someone else that says "enbiggen". (I didn't think it was considered an actual word - just a jokey mash-up of "make bigger" and enlarger. Our work photocopier is a little unfriendly, and not the cleverest beast in the world, so "I'm going to use the enbiggener" was a logical progression from "enlarge")
MM title

Memento Mori, Chapter 4

( Same drill as usual. Follow cut to Chapter 4 on the “Memento Mori” LJ... ) Dreamwidth Mirror In which Rae survives his friend’s bombshell announcement, and has to help her work out precisely what to do now...

I’m getting behind on my wordcount. :( I think it’s because I ended up not writing as much as I should have on… Friday last week? So I’m still scrambling around playing catch-up, at the moment.

It's all the small things about this that are amusing me the most: I keep spotting patterns in my wordcounts. If I was superstitious, I might think there was weee-wooo, a spooky meaning to it. In this case, however… I have exactly 16900 words in the 4 chapters I have posted. XD

16900 50000