November 5th, 2011

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Memento Mori, Chapter 2

So, it's saturday, and it's only the 5th of November, so far. Totally doesn't feel like it - maybe because I've been sleeping and writing at strange times. XD It's been gloomy and rainy all day, so far - I was planning on going into town, but the weather conspired against me. In a way it's good, because I have to catch up on my wordcount; on the other hand, it's pretty rubbish, as it's the 40th annual fireworks (I think?) in Chantry park, and it'll be spoiled (again) if it keeps raining.

Anyway, chapter update time!

Firstly: arrrgh, why does my internet connection go down JUST as I'm about to post an instalment of my nanowrimo. *frustrated flailing*

( Follow the fake cut to chapter two! ) Dreamwidth Mirror
So, Blink is missing, and Rae is increasingly concerned about her. He takes the decision to follow the ones he believes to be responsible, putting his own safety at risk.

8362 50000

And now I've caught up on yesterday's count, off to write more!

Edit: OK, so part of the "write more" ended up being "add to last chapter because you forgot a bit." Added 100-ish words to the chapter (and forgot to change my wordcount, drat!)