November 1st, 2011

MM title


AND LO, Nanowrimo has begun.

And I'm already struggling, haha. No, really. And it's the very first bit that I'm having issues with, as well. An opening paragraph/section that doesn't want to open. Hrrg.

Maybe it'll come to me better on the bus, then I can scribble it down in my half-hour in limbo before I start at half-eight. (If I don't miss the bus, again.) 67 words before I've set out for work isn't a brilliant start, but it's a start. A "seed". Great things sometimes grow from tiny seeds!


*laughs uproariously*

OK srs. I need to spend less time LJ'ing, more time writing.

(Amusingly - well, to me - I just got a comment on the LJ my third Nano is hosted on:
"You were meant to blog. It has inspired me to start my own blog on barrie dentist"
So now I have two comments on that blog! And... they're both bots. That's depressing. ¬_¬ )

Edit: Please, LJ, move the "preview" button. I want to POST, not PREVIEW. >:(

Typical. I think the WWW is conspiring against me, this Nano. First of all, I wanted to get an intro post up on memento_mori_11, this lunchtime, and LJ will let me log in... but not post anything. "You haven't validated your email!" (although I was sure I HAD. Maybe I changed it again.) Hrrgh.

Fixed my LJ when I got home, And now? I'm about to update my wordcount on, and...
"We're doing a little maintenance on the site. We'll be back up in a jiffy!"