October 29th, 2011

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Memento Mori - planning etc

So... it's Saturday evening. It's the 29th October. That means there's only three evenings left to go. O_o I'm not sure how it is that it's come up so quickly. It feels like I only started planning things a few weeks ago.

But I can start writing soon! And this year, I WILL finish the story. (Maybe. I hope. If I'm lucky.) That's usually my real aim – not to hit the 50k, so much, but to actually have a finished story at the end of it. A finished story that I hope isn't too horrible to read.

I've been reading through the NaNoForums for the past couple of days, to get back into “that frame of mind” – the “Nanoisms” thread is quite amusing, but I'll never understand how people can be that desperate for words that they leave all their typos in. I mean, “lock up your inner editor”, sure, I get that – but to refuse even to corretc correct all your typos and just retype them, uni untl untli until you get them rigth right, jsut just to increase your word count?

I've done a couple of other little prompts to get my brain turning. I need to sort out my synopsis to upload to the Nano site at some point before the end of the weekend. Oo-er.
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Utterly unrelated, but... why do people keep talking about “apple cider”? I thought that was, you know, cider's defining feature, that it is made of apples? It's like “female lionesses”, all over again.
Also unrelated, there's a group of about 4 girls sat on the benches on the green just outside my flat, and they're having a conversation by shrieking at the top of their lungs in favour of just... talking normally. I'm going to yell at them to shut up, in a minute. >:(