October 24th, 2011

Modern Mummies?

This looks pretty interesting...

"Mummifying Alan: Egypt's Last Secret
Behind the scenes at a leading forensic pathology lab, where scientists have been busy unlocking the secret of how the Egyptians of the ancient 18th Dynasty were able to preserve the bodies of their greatest pharaohs for millennia. A terminally ill man volunteers to donate his body to experts, who having uncovered the complex blend of ingredients necessary for the process, prepare to create a 21st-century mummy."

10 minutes in, and I'm loving the way one of the scientists has installed a GCMS in his kitchen. XD

Edit: OK, it's a little surreal, seeing them working on the body, and knowing it's an actual, real body, not an actor - especially when you hear the interview they recorded of him, over the top of seeing his dead face. Huge respect for the man who donated his body to be used like this.