April 9th, 2011

An homage to the humble squeezy paint tube?

Found on "Regretsy".

I am... confused.


I should mention, it's fairly NSFW. ¬_¬ Well, NSFB, more to the point. I just hope that paint's non-toxic.


In other news, I want to do more art. I haven't arted in a while, and I want to do mixed-media on a bit of papyrus, WITH STITCHING. I have a pattern I bought that I'm itching to use. I also want to do something iris-y, like the "eel" I did a while back, but I can't think of anything, and this papyrus is too see-through. I'll have to cut up some of my duplicate printouts and mush them together, see if I can come up with something.