January 7th, 2011

Fire. o_o

There's a car on fire in a carport outside (ok, about 100 yards away from) my flat. O_O *just phoned the fire brigade* - I think someone had already called, mind you, the operator said someone was already on their way and didn't need any more clarification outside of "that's in Ipswich?" when I said the address. At least she understood me, my voice didn't go too thin and shaky to hear.

Story: OK so I'm getting a cup of tea before bed, and I heard a sort of "pop"/bang from outside, which I THOUGHT was just someone slamming a car door, then another "pop" a minute or two later... then another couple of "pop"s and I was about to go see wtf was going on when I noticed that the fog had this sort of bright orange glow... After the immediate response of "oh, firework... waaait, it's 1:30am o_o" had faded, I realised the car opposite was pretty heavily alight, and the "pops" were its tyres exploding.

Shit. *knees are shaking* To start with, I THOUGHT it was in the garage opposite (which has people living above it!) so I was pretty glad it was just in a carport.

Looks like there's two cars on fire right now, actually, I think I can see a second one in there. There's certainly been the sound of more than four tyres exploding.

01:50 - Thank fuck fire brigade is here. *still freaked out* *still shaking*

01:57 - *is totally not going to sleep tonight* *pyrophobe* *TERRIFIED of fire*

02:06 - ok, fire's out. *still shaking btw* Problem is, it's foggy out, so EVERYTHING is getting lit up by the fire engine's blue flashing lights.

Before: http://pics.livejournal.com/keaalu/pic/0008swkh It's the carport/garage just across the road, which I circled (with my shaky scared little hand) behind the white car. The car in the carport hasn't moved in months, mind you, as I don't think it was taxed - I only noticed because its tyres have been flat for forever.
(NB: This was taken in November-ish when my neighbours started parking their moped next to Whites, in the little bike-rack in the foreground. I was going to joke "hey look he got a friend, NO TOUCHING" then forgot about it).

20 minutes ago: Holy fuck. Yes I zoomed in, but c'mon, this is NOT just some small fire.

02:28 - ok I think I got control back over my knees. When I leaped for the phone to call 999 I almost fell over, as my legs were all wobbly and shaky.

02:36 - They're still there. They've got little yellow boxes/cameras set up on tripods, now - I guess they're monitoring for hotspots? At least the sound of the fire engine's pumps has gone now, because that was seriously unnerving me. I'm not sure what it was about it, it was just such an odd sound. :\

02:50 - I probably ought to TRY and get some sleep. I don't think it's going to happen though.
03:00 - they've took their little cameras down now. I guess they're happy it's safe.
03:19 - Fire brigade has gone. There's two people standing there now just kinda... staring into the carport. I wonder if it was their car? They're just stood there. :( *sad*