December 27th, 2010


Sketchbook Project arts

The bookwyrm. I think he lives in the pocket that library tickets go in? This one clearly needs a better glue.

Madame Brushfoot, the missing lepuuri monarch from my Nanowrimo in 2010. I'm still not entirely sure how she ended up IN the bottle. I think Dolorous may have had something to do with it.

Marker, ink, punched paper (the spikey branches) and photographs of bottles printed out on overhead projector paper.

Tsu scatters dried fish across the surface of the pool; hopefully, to keep the hungry sacred sun-marked eel from nibbling on her when she next comes past.

Tried to give it a vaguely egyptian style, to compare with the more Mayan / Aztec influence I gave the other folk. Drawn in pencil on normal drawing paper, scanned and adjusted digitally to emphasize the linework, then printed on papyrus paper (a batch of which I had printed up a while ago) and coloured in markers. I would have drawn directly onto the papyrus paper, except it was really hard to see any pencil work on.

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