May 31st, 2010

Hairy caterpillars

Today's fortune cookie says...
Oh, great, it's another creepy one.
"Don't do anything alone."

Just got back in from my on-call and there's looooads more of those little hairy caterpillars scootling about. (Well, when I say "loads" I mean, I've seen at least seven or eight. Not enough to class as an "infestation.")

I think I've got them pegged as "Brown Tailed Moth caterpillars". They're being a bit of a pest in some areas of the country, but I've not seen THAT many round here. To be honest I think they're kind of cute, all wee and brown and fuzzy. I know better than to touch them, though. :P

I was looking for a picture and found this on the Telegraph website: Long tailed tits. AWWW. FEED US, MUM, PLEEEASE