January 6th, 2010

Today's Twitterings.

So, what did you say had been happening today?

  • 21:49 Nice that paths at hospital have been gritted in advance of next blizzard. :P Now where is bus, I'm FREEZING. Grr #
...and finally, the weather. Today in the east of England, the weather will be outside (and probably frickin' cold again).
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Happy Forceps


OK so the crazy blizzard we're supposed to be getting hasn't arrived yet. ¬_¬ But there are tiny dandruffy flakey bits that have just started falling outside. YAY. not.

Stupid weather. Why do you have to be so crap. And WHY can't it snow enough that I get snowed in and can't get to work, dammit. (Not that I live far enough away.)


Edit@17:47 - ok, so, I was on the ward at about... 11:45, and the ward clerk says "It's snowing!" And it's actually properly snowing, at last, big floppy flakes that are coming down pretty hard and settling. It stopped again just after lunch and hasn't started again - we have about an inch, inch and a half, now. No, not the sixteen inches or whatever it is they said we'd get, but it's supposed to snow more overnight. And because I live 2.6 miles away from work, the powers that be consider it appropriate for me to walk in to work if needed. Greeeeeat. ¬_¬ I'm photographing it all for posterity, as usual ;)

...And this mini keyboard is reminding me why I don't like laptops that much. I keep not-pressing-the-spacebar-hard-enough and having to go back and re-press it. Bah.