December 29th, 2009

PC "issues"

(actual date: Tues 29th Dec 2009)

Temporarily stickying this.

My PC has given me a very merry Christmas by essentially saying "f'ck you" and killing one of its cards (or perhaps its motherboard, I'm not 100% sure. I just know that the screen blinks on and off, the actual graphics on the screen don't respond, and the cursor doesn't really do anything either. And the screen sporadically crazes into horizontal lines). It was originally working perfectly (well, as perfectly as a 6 year old PC can), I went off to get dinner and the screensaver/power saver came on, and when I came back, it was having the aforementioned "issues".

Ergo, I have internet access only at work, so no email (outside of my work email, i.e. no gmail etc because they're blocked), no IM, and incidentally also no scanner, no access to my files, nothing. Can I say I'm a trifle peeved?

Therefore, if I'm a bit slow on responding to things for a while, that's why. I can still access LJ (obviously), though, so people can always message me on here if needed.

Edit: Weds 06th Jan - unstickied.