December 20th, 2009


JILL, YOUR CARD CAME YESTERDAY XD YAAY. I look forwards to trying them. :D AND! When's the first edition due out, eh? ;)

Got woken up this morning by a knock on my front door - I was all "O_O don't let this be someone telling me I have to go to work again because x is sick" and thankfully, it was just the postman. (Admittedly I was also saying "wtf, Royal Mail, it's a sunday, since when do you deliver on a sunday?")


Finished my Christmas shopping today, in my LAST AVAILABLE 2 HOURS. ¬_¬

And of course there was the usual breadth of human ignorance, out - in terms of numbers, it was pretty much like any other normal day shopping - we never seem to suffer the crazed rush they always talk about in the US, here. Some people are so damn ignorant, though - and I don't mean like the woman on the bus telling her child that "yeah leukaemia is a disease people get where all their hair falls out" (uh, no) - one woman got on the bus with her pushchair, and I watched as the rest of the queue stood outside for a good extra 30 seconds or so... It finally dawned on me that the silly bint had decided to get on the bus, park her pushchair, put all the shopping down and pack everything away, THEN get her purse out and go digging for the ticket. WTF. You'd been stood at the stop waiting for the bus for at least a few seconds (no-one was running to catch it, after all), why didn't you use THAT time to sort your things out? Of course, I was sat a seat or two behind her, and at least half the way home she was mouthing off about someone or another, "I wish I could take her skinny head and smash it open on something" bla bla. Seriously, how hard is it for people to be nice every now and then?

Anyway. Shopping done! Photos taken! And now I can kinda relax. ^_^ I need to finish my housework, but eh. (I finally managed to get a photo of that disgusting tiger thing those people have above their doorway on Clapgate Lane - it originally looked a bit like this, but cheaper, but it's been up there so long getting rained on, now it's some disgusting, mouldy, green saggy thing, and I have NO IDEA why they haven't took it down yet.)

Finally... Whitesides is having FAR too much fun being the fairy on the xmas tree. ¬_¬