May 25th, 2009


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This is Telluvia - more specifically, Telluvia One, T. Two is the "moon" - although it's actually a binary system, and the "moon" is only fractionally smaller than the "planet". It's a planet that did have a small but global native population; the natives have been boxed away into the south of the primary continent, and can't/won't cross the volcanic zone because they're superstitious and see it as like the gateway to the underworld. The "colonised" areas are occupied by a huge variety of different species; Telluvia markets itself as the galaxy's entertainment hotspot, the number one place for the fashion-conscious up-and-coming young superstars, a planet where anything goes and so long as you have the money, you can buy pretty much whatever you want.

"You'll love us so much, you'll never leave!" (And yeah, that slogan's intentionally a bit creepy.)