May 18th, 2009


This is mostly for my own benefit, but eh, people can join in if they want.

Thinking of doing another of those silly "interview the characters" thingies for my NaNo. It came at the end of the last one, as like an "add on" (if I ever get the thing edited and finished ¬_¬ ), but I thought I'd set myself some questions FIRST, and try work them into the story.

Characters thusfar include:
Madame Pabishka (snooty posh lady, one of NDBSD's sponsors/shareholders? Something like it anyway)
The Boss
and the rest of the "Merchandise" (which includes creatures all the way from sentients to designer pets)

Plus! The company has a name and a slogan now. These sound ok?
"Nuori-Deuchainn BioLabs; Sci+Dev.
Redesigning the future, one genome at a time!"
Nuori-Deuchainn is supposed to sound a bit like peoples' names, but it DOES actually have a meaning, as I scrounged it out of the dictionary:
Nuori - finnish, meaning "young" (although I'm using it to mean "new", like "Nova")
Deuchainn - Scottish Gaelic, part of the word for laboratory ("Deuchainn(test, exam, experiment)-lann(compound, enclosure, area)".
BioLabs = what it sounds like :P
Sci+Dev is purely because I've come up with a logo that looks a BIT like DNA and I can juuust about squish it to look like "SD" ;)

Aaaand I'm still full of cold. We'll see how it goes at work today. -_- At least my chest doesn't hurt when I cough, any more. Might have juust skated past a chest infection.

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Mine owns Jill's :P

Your Transformer Sue by ravenclaw_devi
User name
You are a...Seeker
Your color schemerainbow-sparkly
Your opticssapphire pools
Your special powera beautiful and deadly singing voice
Your attitudesuperbitch
Your love interestall of them
Your weaknessYour fragile soul
You will...Save the day


Hm, rainbow sparkly. Thinking harder about it... this is Whitesides as a seeker, isn't it?