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Tornadoes? Oh noes

Ughhhh it's been so busy. My brain has disintegrated.

Right now, I'm working in the cytos unit, because Ian is on holiday - and it's all busy and all going to the crazies. *cries* First of all, Monday last week, the senior tech informed us she had a bad back, so that threw a bit of a spanner into the efficiency. Things were mostly okay until thursday, when she was off sick, and things just went to pot from there. First the air conditioning started leaking water all over the floor. Then the printer broke (literally, a bit snapped off it). Then the network went down and we couldn't access Cytolog (the program we use to make chemotherapy). Then we had TWO intrathecals (the ones that go into the spine, oo-er) to make and they SCARE me. And then to top it all, the ward forgot to tell us they'd not given us the chart to make the doxorubicin they needed for one protocol, and we had to come out at 10PM (!) on Friday night to make it! ARGH

And I'm so behind on uploading SBM to my ElJay. :(

And WTF? I live in SUFFOLK, not the US.

Tornado warning as storms hit region
06 August 2008 | 07:00 | RUSSELL CLAYDON
     OUR disappointed weather this week could take another twist today with the possibility of localised tornados sweeping into the region.
     Sunhats will be replaced by brollies once again as powerful thunderstorms and heavy rain break out across Essex and Suffolk with the chance of tornados hitting some parts.
     But weather experts are not anticipating the windstorms to cause much damage and believe some people may not even notice.
     Chris Bell, a forecaster at WheatherQuest, said: “There is going to be, from mid-afternoon, some scattered thundery showers and it is possible the conditions will be right for a few isolated tornados.
     “But generally in this country tornados are not that big and do not cause that much damage.
     “There will be wind sheers in the upper atmosphere and that helps to generate the risk of thunder storms and they could create some very gusty winds that might not necessarily be classed as a tornado.”
     A humid night will follow on into this morning, with temperatures creeping up to around 24C today - the usual for this time of year - but it will come at a cost this afternoon, with thundery showers hitting some parts of the county, he said.
     The unseasonal weather will come about largely as a result of an area of low pressure sitting to the west of the county.
     Mr Bell said: “We could see an inch of rain falling as a result of a thunder storm in one place while there could be only a half inch a few miles away - these are going to be very localised but the ones that develop could be very heavy.
     “That is why there is a risk of a tornado.”
     He said western parts of Suffolk are predicted to be worst hit by the downpours, which will develop from late morning onwards.

And it WOULD elect to be thundery and rainy WHEN I'M SODDING ON-CALL, wouldn't it. *huffs*

And finally... our local newspapers have such classy headline stories:

Woman traps finger in window frame
06 August 2008 | 07:34
     A WOMAN had to be helped by the fire service after she managed to get her finger stuck in a window frame.
     The unusual episode took place in Piper's Court, Old Foundry Road in Ipswich at 11.17pm yesterday.
     A crew from Princes Street was dispatched and managed to release the woman's finger within 15 minutes.

*lols inappropriately*

Edit@09:47: NOES another intrathecal! *dies on floor* At least I haven't had time to OMG PANIC about this one, they announced they needed it about 30 minutes before they want to give it, not several days in advance. ¬_¬

*froths at mouth*

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