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"Thunder Daughter" Cover ideas.

"Thunder Daughter" Cover ideas. These are kinda more "brainfart"-y than actual arts, but eh, it gets the idea across.

Front Cover Front Cover
Low-res blurry artifacty .jpg. The grey box is a placeholder (because I'm not happy with the "Bubble city" sketch), but you get the idea. And yeah, I know the anatomy is messed up (ignoring the fact Sei has giant hair, which I'm going to fix next), but finding refs for that odd pose is pretty difficult - at least I think it's possible. :P The corner icons are also placeholders - probably going to put Suni/Lim in one side and a rag-jaw or something on the other.
The title font I'm going to do in a DTP program, this is an artsy "scrapbooking" program that seems to keep wanting to randomly crop the edges off my images. (Sunstone has lost half his face in the "foresty/Aztec" scene for no reason at all - it's there on the .png, but the program cropped it. Bastard.)

Back cover Back cover
Soon/later to be covered in texts, yes. This is based off one I saw briefly on Dreamstime (stock photo/illustration site) then couldn't find later when I went to buy it. Theirs was better, but less leafy and less blue, more silver/goldy. :( I guess mine's not too shabby?.

And now, to bed. *zzz*

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