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Spotweld and Forceps, finished(?) colours

Smile for the camera, Sepp! Smile for the camera, Sepp!
You are SO going to get a boot-to-the-head, Spotweld.


Spotweld is an EMT. He’s got an excitable disposition and usually seems full of a nervous energy, but that’s mostly because he’s trying very hard to be everywhere at once. Because he obviously can’t be everywhere at once, he makes do with being in two places at the same time, so long as the places are quite close together – he splits down the middle and becomes two semi-separate entities from the waist up. Each side can function efficiently “on its own”, although this is more of a technicality as he’s still one single entity whether “divided” or “unified”.

His dual-cortex lends him slightly split-personality mannerisms – most noticably when divided (calling each side “Spot” and “Weld”, right and left respectively), and to a certain degree when unified. His uncertainty means that most things he says seem to come out as questions, regardless of whether he actually wants an answer.

Lastly, he’s that really “obnoxious orange” (as a certain Seeker has defined it) because he’s also a Search-and-Rescue operative. He has no alt-mode, since he’s not really designed with sneaking around in mind and doesn’t need a “disguise” – he’s as bright as possible so you’re able to spot him easily. Also, incidentally explains his build – broad feet, sorta skinny, very lightweight to clamber more easily over wreckage, built of lightweight poly-ceramic composites rather than heavy metallic alloys.

Forceps is a colleague, and a lodger – she first went to live with him as a student, as he was offering cheap board in his home, they grew to like each other, and she stayed on. They’re not “bondmates” or anything fluffy – co-workers and good friends, but that’s it.

As her name may suggest, Forceps is a “surgeon”/engineer. She’s pretty brawny because I guess you’d have to be to be able to manhandle bits of damaged robot around. (Plus, of course, fluffy pastel-coloured little flibbertigibbet “femmes” irritate me, for some reason. Could partly be the word “femmes”, but eh.) My subconscious sees Forceps – or “Sepp”, for short – like Optimus and Ratchet’s illegitimate Hellchild*. She’s moody and brusque, but highly principled. Additionally, those “earmuffs” contain a protractile surgical mask, which does kinda make her look like Optimus’ daughter.

She’s kiinda smiley here, which makes me think that about one astro-second after this was taken she turned and promptly gave Spotweld a nice, friendly boot to the head.

* Disclaimer: No, that wasn’t literally. Just in terms of personality and build, she’s somewhere between the two. Hmm. ¬_¬

I have a few other characters I need to draw now.
Pulsar = "policewoman". Young, "rookie", VERY NOISY (she has a siren, y'know) kinda hard to describe without making her sound like EVERY OTHER FECKING MARY SUE OUT THERE. Anyway. I don't think she WILL become a Sue of Maryness, but eh, I'm keeping my fingers firmly entwined.
Calibrator = forensic chemist. Owns "Cobalt Industrial", freelances for the forensics department.
"the Shadow" = the mysterious antagonist, wee-ooo...
Deuce, Fatigue and Siphon = the shadow's heavies. Deuce and Fatigue are the same sort of large, powerful model, with small modifications (Deuce is a little smaller, too), and have relatively descriptive names, whereas Siphon is smaller, skinnier, has a less descriptive name - he's the sneak, the thief.


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