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Arg Furniture deliveries

AAaaaaaaargh goddamn delivery men. I had "all" my study furniture delivered on thursday - masses of flatpack cardboard boxes - and it was only today when my Mum and Dad come over to construct it for me that my Dad noticed there were six boxes missing. SIX BOXES! On the day it arrived, I compared the order I received to what my invoice on the computer said, and (foolishly) presumed that some boxes contained more than they ultimately did. (Like, for the ones that were supposed to have little wheels/castors so I could move them about, I imagined the wheels would be IN THE BOX, WITH THE CUPBOARD, right? Wrong.) So I'm lacking wheels/castors for two cupboards, two bookcase/cupboard doors, and two monitor shelves! Arrrghh. So now I have to ring them up, and complain, and arrange ANOTHER delivery day to get the rest of it "re-delivered"!

I know, I should have unpacked it on the thursday, when they delivered it, but not only was I worried that all the parts would get muddled up if I didn't then assemble it straight away (and they're some BIG bookcases that I would have needed a second pair of hands to assemble, and my Dad does a waaaay better job than I'd have managed), I was also a little preoccupied by the fact that one of the delivery men drew a great black biro swoosh (seriously, it's like five inches of black ink) all down my nice clean PALE GREEN wall!

THUS! If anyone gets anything from MFI, treble check what they've actually delivered BEFORE you get rushed into signing the box to accept delivery. MAKE THEM WAIT WHILE YOU UNPACK THE LOT, if you have to. Then make them repaint your walls. ¬_¬

Update: Okay, so upon phoning the helpline today I discover they were SUPPOSED to have left documentation to the effect that "these items are out of stock and will be delivered later", which they predictably didn't. They ALSO should have left a message on my answering machine, which they also didn't - I don't doubt that a message was left on SOMEONE'S machine, but it wasn't MINE. :P

So now I have half-built furniture until the rest is delivered at the start of December. Joy!

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