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No, I'm not going to put thumbnails and link them - I already put it under a cut, what more do you want? Shee.

Okay. Now. Brainstorming on one's own is a bit crap, but eh, that's how it goes. I need to enlarge the spider a bit but I'm stumped for ideas.
"Thunder Daughter" is the working title (it's a bit of a mouthful though so I may go for "Thunder's Child" or something, but anyway). Sei's story is nowhere near as close to working as Mirii's, and I need to find a way to interlace them somehow that doesn't just involve "and they found each other again, the end."

If anyone has any other ideas of anywhere I could send the story off, I'm all ears. Trying to think of directions to send Sei's story, but I guess it's a good job I have 2 months to brainstorm in...

Next is my ideas board. BUT.
NEEDS MOAR PICTURES. I'm snagging things out of magazines and all kinds of blagh, but it's still the same old same old. Seen a nifty picture you'd like me to include as a concept somewhere? Please, tell me!

Edit: okay, been having ideas while stood waiting for a taxi. Thinking of something "steampunk-ish" for Sei's side. The inhabitants of the "bubble" have lived there for so many hundreds of years they've gone a bit primitive/tribal themselves, and revere "the Engineers" as kind of religious icons as they preserve their life/way of life. I'm guessing Sei will need their help to rescue Mirii, but I still have yet to work out how he/they will get back to the surface, as obviously Sei can't swim (too heavy).

Still, Sei could make a rather snazzy long-haired Victorian-looking gentleman.


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Aug. 30th, 2007 06:14 am (UTC)
Werewolves? Steam punk-ish (I'm not even sure what that means)?

And visually, some design layout of the respective areas might help. Palaces, altars, or just the areas in which they live...

Oh, wait, you meant artwork from us. Hm...
Aug. 30th, 2007 06:39 am (UTC)
Well, "steampunk" is (for want of a better description) like sci-fi set in an advanced Victorian era, if that makes absolutely no sense? As in, advanced technology is all steam-driven. Wikipedia says it better than I could. And they're not going to be real, shapeshifting werewolves - more like "berserkers", I suppose. There's 2 societies (haven't properly named either, yet, I'm just calling them 1 and 2) - and 1 is scared of 2 because 2 have these "demons". (1, incidentally, are the "Maya" that adopt Mirii for a little while.)

I *was* thinking of roughing out some place designs, just haven't got around to it yet. I was thinking of trying to give it a "Mayan" feel, but with less pyramids, if that makes sense? ;) Blockier, squarer, that sort of thing.

And eh, you don't have to worry too much about artwork. I was very stuck for ideas a while back, was hoping people would direct me to photos they liked etc. I'm getting the plot down by myself, though, so... *shrugs*
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