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New bit of "Rogue in Velvet" to upload later, hurrah! Poor Iios got his ego all bruised, aww.

Unrelated: how difficult is it to spell "Abigail", people? I've seen "Abbigail" and "Abigale" and they're fair enough, but Abbeykale? Abeygale (as on a fax this morning)? *hruf* What is it about my names makes them unspellable? :( People have problems with "Keaalu" on the interwebs (Keealu, Keallu, Kealu, Keaallu etc) and now the REAL world has reverted back to type and can't spell my REAL name. :( *le sob*

Unrelated2: Making my way home from the shops on my way home from work, encountered a small-ish child and 2 friends going the opposite direction. Child 1 (slightly overweight) was riding one of those micro-scooters, children 2 and 3 were walking, alternately bouncing a football to each other. Didn't think too much of it until I noticed child 1's micro scooter was making a funny noise as it went past.

It had a freaking ENGINE. That is just like a pinnacle of laziness. Commuter using one in a city as an alternative to bike or bus or getting stuck in gridlocked traffic, I can understand it, but come on, this is getting silly. It's like having a football which kicks itself. :P Or dumbells with a little lever on them so they lift themselves.

(I was going to say it's on a par with rollerskates with an engine, but I realised that's getting dangerously close to rocket boots which would be so darn cool.)

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