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Dominae Diheevi
This is Dominae Diheevi, Colony Superintendent on Shuuva, and owner and manager of a cobalt mine; he is outranked only by Master Riiva, the High Commissar. Diheevi is a young Dominae; he is bold and ambitious, and very clever, but he is also ruthless, somewhat vicious, and a complete bastard. If it made financial sense, he would probably sell his mother without even thinking about it. It's something of a wonder he's married, although whether Neeli (his wife) had any choice in whether or not she married him is an entirely different matter.

He carries point, and is classically trained in use of the rahi, but to his shame the far older Riiva (his political and social rival) could probably wipe the floor with him. (Riiva is a Blademaster, having been a champion in his younger years.)

Hurrah for bad guys. Yay! Diheevi is one of my favourite "villains" (although that's a horrible word), since he's one of my very first Kiravai (I think he existed before they even had a species name, instead labouring under the working label of "Phoenecians"), he has shown absolutely ZERO desire to change his ways, and he's as pompous and overblown as all strong-winged pureblooded Imperial cobs. The sort of character you love to hate. Yay!

This was mostly an excuse to draw his snazzy outfit. It was originally supposed to look a little Indian-derived (a bit like a sherwani), but now it sorta comes across to me as being the fancy straight-cut outfit courtiers may have worn to fence centuries ago. You can tell he's fairly high up the political ladder since he's got a lot of earrings. :)


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Jul. 26th, 2007 05:33 am (UTC)
Hm. Yeah, snazzy is a good word for it. I'd like to see how that outfit looks in color...

It certainly sounds like the personality of someone in charge, and makes for a good, if not evil and usurping, second. (Though the word 'evil' is rather objective.) So determined, cunning, and uses a sword....

And I like his expression. It really seems to fit.
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