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ARG. Some numbweed at the telephone exchange has apparently managed to DISCONNECT my broadband, not just MOVE it. ARSE. I see I'll be phoning them later to try and fix it. *flail* I wouldn't mind so much except that I'd probably not have had any problems if the guy on the end of the phone hadn't said "oh while you're there would you like to change your BT Option 2 package as we have a deal on" ...which was frickin' UNRELATED to my broadband in the FIRST place!

In other news, I've been arting, in a way - in the redecorating way. I've been polyfilla-ing the holes in the walls (that the vendor said he'd fix before he left, but tsh, he didn't - no surprises there. The entire move has been like it), measuring for carpets, and stuff. My dining table arrives on the 3rd May, my sofas arrive later, and I'm really excited for no real reason. :) The lounge and kitchen will be a goldeny colour, the study a nice green, my bedroom in lilac... WHEE PAINT.

I would never have anticipated how hard it is to paint a white ceiling white and know which bits you've done and which you haven't. Argh. (All I knew for sure is that white emulsion + paint roller = paint EVERYWHERE, no matter how slow you go.) And I have to do a second coat tonight. *twitch*. No wonder they make that "magic paint" that starts out pink and goes white as it dries.

I'm going to play with polymer clay later too. Woo Fimo. I've not really messed about with that since I was wee, and I want to try making mokume gane. :) I also have a blue bag I'm going to "undye" then re-dye green and cover in ivy-leaf designs. HURRAH. *dances about to radio* *sees patients watching through the dispensary window* *carries on regardless* I'm on my lunch, they can give me evils all they like.


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2007 11:36 am (UTC)
Ha, yeah, that's so true. :D The things us poor NHS staff have to put up with. "But I paid for it with my taxes!"

In general, Joe Public is a moron. *nods*
Apr. 18th, 2007 05:19 am (UTC)
Which is why, with ceilings, the trick is to start with a corner and work in sections. Though admittedly, it doesn't always work. *shrugs* Still want pictures once it's all done.

Fimo is fun. But I have no idea what a mokume game is.
And I'm not going to ask about the dancing. Period.
Apr. 18th, 2007 11:43 am (UTC)
Eh, well, that's what I WAS doing with the ceiling. ;) It doesn't mean it's any EASIER. Especially if the ceiling is already pretty much the colour you're painting it. ;)

Mokume gane is a technique adapted from Japanese metalwork - you layer up lots of thin sheets in different colours, then press into it with a stamp or a pencil or something to push the flat layers out of shape, so when you slice off the top layer you see the pattern in all different colours. Hard to explain, but if I can get it to work I'll upload a photo.

...Yeah, probably best not to ask about the dancing.
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