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For the second time in about 3 months, my brain has gone into crazy story-writing overdrive, and like before it's *sob* fanfiction. (Why can't I get into this mindset about my OOOWN fiction? *razz*) This time, my muse has fixated on the old, ooold crappy old story I wrote years and years ago (well I was 15 or something like it, so crapness is forgivable, I guess), under the impression that it can somehow get rid of the OMFG MARY SUEness that infested it like weevils.

So far, I re-dubbed it "Ascent" - yes, it's kinda the opposite of the episode "Descent", which I thought was very disappointing (There were a million things they could have done with it and they just plumped for the cliche, boring old "evil twin" concept. Bah.)

Be glad you're not in my room right now, because I'm singing along with "Heard it through the Grapevine", and I can't carry a tune to save my LIFE. Never stopped me "singing" (read: you know when cats yowl at night? Yeah. That) along with it, though...

And lastly, this is wonderfully idiotic, in the guise of being TEH SMRATS.
"This is the Dictionary for those who wish to be original with their words."
It's apparently also a dictionary for those people who don't know jack shit about what those "original words" mean:

"The End Result - Which sounds better?:
*The gray mare canters over the hill and she greets NightHawk*
*º*silver’d femmora canters fluidly over collis and raises visage, letting out joyful clarion call to the steed dubbed NightHawk*º*"

The silver thigh bones did what with the who? Aside from the fact that "femora" (spelt correctly) means "thighbones", I dunno about you, but I can't even find collis in a dictionary. :P (Fine, so Edgar Allen Poe managed to write like that, but he also managed to look halfway intelligent - this looks just plain stupid.)
Titaniums = hooves? Diagnostics = ears? And since when did a HORSE have a CHASSIS? Plus, lucid = black? What is this, an exercise in picking words out of the air? Lucid does not and NEVER HAS meant "black"! (Do they realise it means "easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible: a lucid explanation", which they clearly are not.)
I am hoping against hope that it's a joke site to take the piss out of RPG-speek, but sadly it doesn't look like it.
(What saddens me most is that fact that I know some people who used this kind of language, and they were pretty good writers before they fixated on it.)


“And thusly the lucid femmora did’st sway like hypo o’er hearth, scythes beating jaded shoots, ovals flared and lanterns aglow, if only to catch glimpse of that most tapered, wilful stag…!”

According to THEM, it means something like this:
“The black female walked excitedly over the grassy land, trying to catch sight or sound of the studmuffin- *cough* handsome stallion that attracted her.”

According to ME, it reads thus:
“The thigh-bones which were easy to understand swayed over the fireplace, curved grass-cutting blades striking the worn out new growths, ovals growing wider and sources of light providing light, to try and see the disobedient male deer that got narrower at one end.”


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Feb. 5th, 2007 08:44 am (UTC)
Well, I've seen this before, but don't know the term for it. Or if there even is one, but there should - I'm tempted to go with onomatonotation (as a derivative of "onomatopoetic"). Since what's being done here is using words for what they sound like they should mean, as opposed to their actual definition or circumstancially implied (de- and con-, respectively. Sorry, just feel the need to show off that I paid attention to English classes)

Basically, people are using them just because they sound good. What you said, really. Of course, this may not be a valid theory, as even given that as a pretense, it still sounds terrible. Just try reading it aloud.

If nothing else, I now know what "lucid" actually means. (Apparently, neither did they, but I've avoided using it, at least)

All that, and if the term "onomatonotation" doesn't actually exist (or means something else), then it would be quite fitting.
Feb. 5th, 2007 06:33 pm (UTC)
"Sorry, just feel the need to show off that I paid attention to English classes"
- except when it comes to THEN and THAN, huh? ;)

"Basically, people are using them just because they sound good."
Exactly - and it DOES sound dreadful if you know even remotely what the hell a word REALLY means. They swallowed the thesaurus but didn't choose to do the same with a dictionary.
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