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[sticky post] The Writing Index

This has got a little longer than I was anticipating! All details about unfinished works, works in progress, and planned works, are now under cuts. (Unfortunately, I didn't realise a "sticky" post would go to the top of EVERYthing (including pages filtered by tags) and since it's quite large and takes up most of the screen when it's open, I've tucked it away under a cut.


Thunder Daughter: The first draft of this story is complete, but needs a lot of work done on the editing before it's at any point where I'm happy to publish it.
(Read the story on Dreamwidth or Livejournal)

Good as Gold: I have started work on this again, as of November 2012, now I’ve managed to revise the plot and I know where I’m going with it. Work is still slow, but slightly more steady.
Catch up with the story so far on Dreamwidth or Livejournal.)

Adverse Camber: The plot for this needs a fair amount of work doing on it before I can finish it; the more I wrote, the more I realised it was going in a slightly different direction to that which I had expected. I have a chapter that's nearly finished (which will be Chapter Seventeen), which I'll upload as soon as I can, but after that I'll need to do a fair bit of plot surgery on my extensive notes.
(Catch up with the story so far on Livejournal.)

Toccata and Fugue: Again, I need to heavily revise my plot – I'm not happy with where it's ended up so far, and want to revise the storyline before I write much more. (Again, I do have another chapter almost ready to upload; this will be chapter 18.)
(Catch up with the story so far on Livejournal.
30/04/2013: I got bothered by the "mis-spelt" title of the LJ community, and renamed it. "tocatta_fugue" should still redirect to the right username where I've been uploading it.)

Memento Mori: The first draft of MM is finished. I will hopefully soon start working on editing it, so I can self-publish.
Read Memento Mori on Livejournal.

Memento Vivere: Hypothetically, coming soon...? The (perhaps obvious) sequel to Memento Mori.

"Blue AU":

Screaming Blue Murder (“SBM”) : Finished, but I’m planning on editing this up a little and reuploading it to my account on “Archive of Our Own” (aka “AO3”). (I will likely do the same with “Warped”, eventually.)

Warped: As above

Future Tense: At last, I've managed to work out a little better where I want my plot to go (and man, has it got CREEPY), so I've begun working on this again! I'm actually quite excited by the plot, too, so we'll see how I get on. I've updated the first couple of chapters and started uploading it on AO3, as well as ff.net. (27/05/2013)


Nothing here yet! :)

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