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Slipstream! My angry young Policebot boy racer! (but kinda cute maybe?)

Yes, he's an ANGRY YOUNG MAN. (Or something. And really badly proportioned, to boot. ¬_¬ )

Slipstream (/Seem/Seemy/Scoobs) seems to be angry at the world 85% of the time - the same circumstances that triggered Footloose to become a paramedic pushed him into the police force, although unlike his sister, who remains dedicatedly Neutral, Seem was sufficiently angry at what the Triplechangers were responsible for that he outright joined the Autobots.

Partly because it was a chance for them to get back at Warp, and partly because it was actually kind of an honour to be asked, two rather famous Twin Terrors have tutored in how to fight, the Autobot way... ;)

He seems to have made it his raison d'etre to clean the district of criminal activity (singlehandedly if need be); doesn't always make the best choices in who he gets fuel from, and has had periods where he's been rather more reliant on "Tempo" than he ought to be. He's angry mainly because he's frustrated that he can't work fast enough or for long enough to achieve what he wants to achieve. Still, even without Tempo he's a nippy little thing - he might be a groundling but he's got a damn fine little jet engine in there. ;)

Yeah, Slipstream is a kinda "flier-oriented" name - mainly because heck, they thought he was going to BE a flier. Very early on, when the "midwife" was performing the preliminary harmonic analysis and arranging the most appropriate protoshell for the new spark, s/he noticed it had an obsession with high places, and it was thought that Seem would be a flier, and was named accordingly.

...everyone very quickly realised that the reason he was so obsessed with high places was because he took after his dam, and was absolutely terrified of them and wanted to avoid them at all costs. ¬_¬

For once, I actually have an alt mode for this angry little button!
Subaru Impreza and LOOK at that BLUE! Holy crap he's gonna be lurid.


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Mar. 21st, 2009 02:42 pm (UTC)
Very cute face. :) Will comment on the rest of it when it's a bit more ... there.
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