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Bwahaha. Lurid police vehicles FTW

Riot Control
We are Riot Control!
Hardline (top, back), Celerity (left), Longbeam (middle), Vector (right) and Whitesides (bottom)

Woo. Lurid-coloured transformers FTW. (I took most of my inspiration for their colours from the local police fleet, and that's even LOUDER colours - the yellow is literally dayglo.)

Constable Whitesides (the little guy on the floor) seems to have reinvented himself as the station bike, bless him; everyone's had a ride. I'm trying to work out if he's trying to sleep his way up the chain of command, or is just a trollop. I think it's the latter. Mind you, he's finally coming across a lot more like I originally envisioned him (i.e. a bit of a gossip-hound, but otherwise pretty sweet-natured), before he got hooked on Prophet and turned all crazy-paranoid.

Chief Inspector Celerity (on the left, with the bun) has just got back off duty, I think, because she's all scruffy-looking, unlike her sister Vector (on the right, with the bunches or whatever the frag they are.) I'm not sure why Constable Longbeam (in the middle) looks so coy - probably just not been photographed with her girlfriend before? I don't know.

Aaand of course there's Superintendent Hardline, in the back. About to kick some aft with that giant watergun. Whee. :D

(I feel halfway inclined to doodle Whitesides "caught in the act", as it were, but eh, my brain won't stretch that far without melting.)


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