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Crossposted from my devART.

Policebots, working
Policebots, working
...allow me to say it first; DAMN is that ever a dirty bit of paper. But now that's out of the way... This is of course just some of my rabble.

Hardline is obviously the one in the back - still not sure what to do with his hands, so go figure. Maybe I'll give him a nightstick or something. Anyway. He's the riot tank/watercannon, ergo he's a bit of a beast:
Image here
Maybe the original velvet glove? Or is that Sepp? Anyway. For an accidental incidental who took on a life of his own, I'm kinda fond of my giant. ;)

The two big girls on either side are Celerity (left) and Vector (right). They're twin sisters, from an accidental double-fission when they were sparked - the original harmonic was derived from the initial sparking, but then it underwent a spontaneous secondary fission a few orns later. At least, they WERE identical twins, when they were still little hover-cars, but then they accepted a promotion and the upgrade that came with it...

They've worked together most of their adult life, and currently share command duties at Quayside station; both hold rank of Chief Inspector, although Vector is a detective, Celerity isn't. (Yes, Vector is fully aware how unfortunate her name is, but you try ribbing her about it and she'll trounce you, so go fig.)

Both are police vans/"meatwagons" - a bit like these:
Example one! (Although I'm not sure about the solid yellow undercoat, I think they'd be white with blue and yellow.) See where I got Celerity's shoulderguards from? ;)
Example two!
(Particularly pleased with how Celerity looks, as an aside, which is the sole reason I'm uploading it as-is - she's pretty much exactly what I see in my mind's eye, for a change. I know I'm going to mess it up if I don't put something online. ;) )

In the middle (looking weirdly coy) is Constable Longbeam, one of Pulsar's old roomies. Like Pulsar she's a gravity bike, although she's taller than average for her model - actually a factory fault, but she seems pretty proud of it. Otherwise she's pretty identical to all her "sisters"; aside from the longer legs and torso, and the yellow cheek flashes, she and Pulsar could be twins. Vector seems to have a thing about her, as well. Hmm. We'll see where THAT goes...

Constable Whitesides is the little cycle sat on the floor. He's slightly unusual in that he's a mech - femmes outnumber mechs by about two to one in that class of machine - but otherwise is the typical overconfident lairy little pain in the aft.

Whee. :) They should all be liveried up in the electric blue and yellow "battenburg" of the UK police fleet, but I've not decided exactly how it should be laid out yet.

(For reference, a Seeker would be a smidgen taller than Celerity. Hardline is a little taller than Forceps.)


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