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"Screaming Blue Murder", teh Musics

Is it the “done thing” to put your music choices into stories these days? Anyway.

Soundtrack to a Murder? Or something... These are some of the little bits of musical inspiration I used while writing "Screaming Blue Murder". I'll update it when I've found samples for all of them. The little (Blah) after the title is just so you know where things are, in case anyone has crash-issues with those sites.

Alphabeat – "10,000 Nights of Thunder" (LastFM)
This one is PLAGUING me, right now, after certain reviewers left certain comments on my review page. *froths* It gives me the urge to fluff, if you know what I mean.
Edit: Hmm, I thought this was the full track, but clearly not. You can find it on YouTube easily enough, but the quality sucks)

Alphabeat – Fascination (LastFM)
This one, too. Same as above. :P

Vanessa Mae – “Red Hot” (LastFM)
I thought it’d make a great track to go with the finale. ;) Reminds me a bit of the sort of thing you'd see (see? hear) on a movie.

Vanessa Mae – “Storm” (LastFM)
There’s a bit in this which just makes me think “Thundercracker”. :P See if you can guess where. Again, it goes towards the end, at the bit I've written but not uploaded just yet.

Franz Ferdinand – “Outsiders” (YouTube)
That’d make a good name for a faction, I think. *ponders* I like this one just because it has a good "walking" pace to it.

Royal Society Jazz Orchestra – “Some Of These Days” (RSJO website)
…or what I’m calling “Skywarp’s Hallucination”. Imagine them all moved back to the 1920s, Seekers as prohibition-era mobsters, Forceps in a long white dress doing the vocals, etc… Oh, and dancing, of course! I think it’d make a SPLENDID hallucination.

That's all for now. More to come!

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