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Okay, here's the deal. A certain person (who shall remain nameless) decided to introduce me to "G1 Transformers", when I asked why he was leery of watching the movie.

I have now WATCHED G1 Transformers... and turned into a complete drooling fangirl. Now I know I don't often say this, but, eh...

Damn, am I ever obsessed with those three Seekers. Especially Starscream. Oh be still my spark! *fans self*

(Why oh why does it always have to be the bad guy? And why oh WHY did Bay have to BLUDGEON him to death with the frickin' ugly stick for the 2007 movie?)


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Mar. 18th, 2008 07:33 pm (UTC)
Someday I'm going to watch those darn cartoons and figure out what's the big deal about Starscream. He is SUCH fanbait, almost all the Transformers fans I know drool over him.

(Bad guys are AWESOME and you know it. Bad guys and rouges. That's where it's at. Besides, they're also really fun to write for. And when a person enjoys writing for a character, it usually shows.)
Mar. 19th, 2008 02:01 am (UTC)
I dunno what it "is", as such, although this sums it up pretty well. Plus, of course, for me there's the simple fact of OMFG ALIEN ROBOT AEROPLANE (three of my favourite things all rolled into one neat power-hungry package) plays a big role. Plus, and I know I don't often say this about anyone (let alone cartoon robots) and probably will continue not to say it often, but he's CUTE, dammit. AND (technically) there's three of 'em to engage the imagination, if you include Skywarp and Thundercracker...

I noticed there's also that element of "oooh bad guy must turn to side of righteousness (but retain a little naughty sexy mischief at the same time) and have my Mar(t)y S(t)ue(or whatever) marry the lovelyness" for a lot of fantards, but eh, I gotta say THAT isn't my thing. I've read a mountain of fanfiction the past few days and if it's got fanbrats IN the fiction, I'm not interested. D'rather just see a certain trine in action... whee.

Gawd. I have so got to go to bed before I incriminate myself any deeper. There's me, with close to like ZERO sexuality at ALL, admitting to reading and liking the strangest slash fiction on the face of the internet. (My defence: It's not all fluids and ick. More the exploration of the nature of life and emotions. There. That fits. *crosses fingers behind back*)
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