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Thing-a-day 02!

I'm calling this my belated thing-a-day from yesterday. Being on-call often smushes my creativity. Oh well!

These are little things which I'm calling "part of my planning for my second NaNovel", but actually were an excuse to play with a garden designer. I apologise that they're a bit wide, partly for which reason I've put them under a cut (and also because there's nothing worse than a monster huge long China's Great wall of Text that is far tl;dr cropping up on your ElJay-watch page).

Anyway, without further ado, housens!

The garden.

It's built onto a roof. The round thing in the corner is a fountain, the "H" shaped thing along the bottom is a swing-seat, there's a little arch between the two ponds and a deck in the middle of the bigger one so you can dabbly your feet in the water. How sickeningly cutesy.

Ground floor (and a bit of the garden)

I forgot the stairs. *sob* The study was bigger, but I had to trim it to put the stairs in, otherwise they'd have been slap bang in the middle of the dining room. ¬_¬ I put the furniture in so I could get an idea where the doors SHOULDN'T go....

Top floor (and a bit of the garden again)

I actually drew the top floor first, then chuffed it up when I forgot to leave room for the stairs when I drew the lower floor. The stairs WERE supposed to be really central, but eh, the only place I could squeeze them in was in the corner of the lounge, above the study. GRR.
Huge bedroom, though! *yay* And a big bathroom. I almost put in a balcony, but then the whole garden is kind of a balcony so eh.

At the moment, I'm calling this Yannis' bribery towards Mirii. Keeping her happy and obedient by giving her nice things, like a nice apartment and a garden... etc.

And now, back to editing! WHEE.


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Feb. 4th, 2008 01:44 pm (UTC)
To be honest, to program I drew it in actually gave measurements for everything when you drew them. I just didn't pay any attention to them, and because I was using a trial online version I lost it after I closed the window. ¬_¬ (You couldn't save it anyway, so eh...)

I was thinking of replicating it on paper, myself, just so I could actually USE it. ;) (As I'm 99.99% sure there'll be some ©stuff to say "no unauthorised reproduction allowed", which I can quite understand.)

I've never done technical drawing. Sounds fun. :) I've always thought of messing about and drawing a proper garden plan, myself - even if it's a pipe-dream, as I just have a balcony that's about 3ft by 9ft and that doesn't need a whole lot of planning. ¬_¬
(Deleted comment)
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