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How's my anatomy...?

Just out of curiosity, as it's been niggling at me for a day or two, what is the major, glaring error in the way I draw anatomy? To clarify, yes I am aware that it's not the greatest, and I'd never claim for it to be anywhere near perfect (let's face it, I only bought a new anatomy book 2 weeks ago, anyway!), but I was beginning to think I'd started to get a handle on it, and yet someone at the weekend implied it needed a lot of work. (Of course, I could be reading way too much into it, but eh. Run with me, here... ;) )

No, my ego isn't bruised. No, I'm not sulking in the corner and "never going to draw again omg". No I'm not uber major offended and can't believe they said it, going to have a hissy fit and call them names. I'm just... curious. :) Is it really that awful and I've just stared at it so long I don't see a major problem with it? (Colour theory, now, that's something else ENTIRELY. I have SERIOUS issues with THAT... :P)

Please, honesty, people. ;) I won't be offended. I'd rather not stay in my rut. ;)

Plus, if I'm going to try "selling my NaNovel" (ha, like that's ever going to happen) on Lulu, once I'm done illustrating it and editing it, I don't want people buying it and getting really sub-par art with glaring mistakes in it. (You have no idea how long I fight with my art before I'm happy uploading it. ¬_¬ I won't usually upload it until I'm at minimum 75% happy with it, so I'm going to be angsting over it even MORE now. Bah.)

Unrelated: Anonymous commenting has been turned OFF. I've been getting a lot of spam lately (you know, the "go to x and get cheap whores!" type spam, or entries typed entirely in cyrillic) and I'm annoyed at having to keep deleting the entries (because they still come up on my control panel even if they're screened), so sorry to those people who actually used it legitimately, but anon comments are GONE.

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