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But where are we GOING?

I know, I know, my foreshortening sucks MAJORLY, but pfft. I needed the practice. This was as far as I got with it before I got a phonecall from work and had to go back in at 10 to 11 at night, and then I gave up. :P I think I'll either start again tonight, or else find a new angle to work from.

"...but where are we GOING, Sei?"

Edit, edeeeet:
This one is turning out better than the previous one. :P

"Coming of a Demoness"

The title relates to the fact that at this point, the townspeople were still fairly ambivalent about whether they thought Mirii was harmless, or some kind of water-demon.

Once I've finished this one, if I CAN finish it, Mirii is "discussing" some carvings with Suni. The townsfolk haven't revealed themselves to them, though, and Mirii thinks the town must be abandoned. She's all raggedy-looking and dirty because she just washed ashore, having been in a "plane crash" (well, as near as).

Edit, part the second!

Couple of bits still to finish off (the top of the wall, for instance) but eh, getting there. I think I'm going to colour it in greyscale, but I've not got that far yet.


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Sep. 29th, 2007 08:47 am (UTC)
It's something about the outfits in the first picture. I half expect Sei to be dragging her to a hot air balloon....

Nice wall 'o glyphs in the third post - Though it is pseudo-mayan, so it could be their way, I'd think they're be more in the ways of writing style symbols included, as opposed to everything being a direct visual transcription of the event.
Sep. 29th, 2007 12:00 pm (UTC)
Heh, that was part of the idea in the first one. ;) He's supposed to look sorta quasi-Victorian.

I'd noticed that a lot of Maya carvings don't actually go in a whole lot for hieroglyphs, but now you reminded me I need to finish that picture off. ;) If I manage to escape the hospical this afternoon (*is on-call, blagh*) I'll get it finished. Going to colour it in greyscale, I think.
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