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Notes, ideas. They'd probably go into #14.

Here, just remember that Riiva is an old cob - about 60 or 70, in human terms.


     He smiled, but there was that quiet sadness in his eyes. “I’m honoured by the idea, pet,” he commented, softly. “But I think you’re clutching for straws. Besides!” his eyes twinkled. “I’m more than twice your age.”
     She laughed. “You know full well that I don’t age like any normal person.”
     “Still,” he covered her fingers. “The fact remains. You are a bright young thing still in the sunshine years of your early morning. I am a tired old man, gone to dusk with his own twilight.” He gestured to the dull, dusty pewtered patches on his brows and cheeks. “You are just going to hurt yourself.”
     “I know what I’m doing.”
     “Do you? I beg to disagree. Your gentle heart has been bruised so many times you are clutching for straws, and you leap for anything which presents itself as a viable choice for your affections,” he smiled, wrapped her fingers in his own. “Pet, I am deeply honoured by the fact you feel I am worthy of your affections, but I think they are grossly misplaced. You need to find someone closer to your own age.”


...Ivy is a PAIN to find a partner for.

Aaaand... ...Iios and soap. Something to go into Rogue in Velvet. This is AFTER they've been abducted by the... whoevers, and BEFORE they've been handed over to the "mole people" (working name - they're big ugly digging humanoids with big claws and a very sparse vocabulary, but they like pretty things).


     “…oohhh…” he groaned, and it was such a wretched feeble sound that Eri actually felt a flicker of sympathy for him. “I’m… I’m not… feeling very well…”
     “What’s wrong with yers?” the Usurian grunted, unimpressed, barely glancing up.
     “My nnnuh…. my neck…” Iios wheezed a horrible dry groan and stumbled against the table. “I th-… I think youmust have-… broken something… dorsal root ganglion... very sensitive…” he sank to the floor, wheezing grimly. “…don’t think-… don’t think I-”
     “I didn’ hit you that hard,” the Usurian grumbled, taking refuge back in his newspaper. Eri guessed he must be putting it down to some blue-blooded Kiravai melodrama “Stupid budgie.”

     He waited until he’d caught her eye and the Usurian’s attention was elsewhere, then gave her a broad, blatant wink.
     …and promptly collapsed, like a puppet with its strings cut.
     “Holy goddess-!” the Usurian promptly leapt to his feet, startled.

     Iios was doing a very convincing – if utterly over-the-top – impression of someone suffering from a very severe epileptiform seizure. His eyes had rolled back in his head, he was foaming at the mouth and gnashing his teeth, and his back arched and his hands and feet scrabbled uncontrollably at the deck.

     The instant the Usurian was close enough, the seizure stopped – almost as if someone had flipped a switch. Instead, the sick, groaning cob writhing on the deck became a rabid monster, still trailing froth and snarling his way into a lunge. The unfortunate Usurian had time for a little eep! of alarm before hands fastened around his throat and momentum carried them both crashing into the wall.

     “Iios…” she frowned. “Your drool smells floral.”
     He flashed her a smile, hunting through the insensate Usurian’s pockets. “Detergent pellets.”
     So THAT would be why he’d been burrowing around in the kitchen cupboard a while ago. “That’s just-… ugh. How could you do that? They must have tasted foul.”
     There was a flicker of hesitation – just a flicker, but definitely there. “I have no sense of taste,” he observed, with a sort of… studied flippancy. “I can analyse chemicals, but that’s it.”
     She gave him a curious look. Surely not a pang of jealousy?


Ha, you thought I was going to talk about something else, didn't you? ;)


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Aug. 3rd, 2007 07:29 am (UTC)
"Dorasl root ganglion"? (can't think of anything to say on the notes themselves. Sorry)
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