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Conform, conform, dammit!

Yeah, I'm a cynic (and I'm tired of being told "oh, do x to your creatures and it'll be better, because WE KNOW WHAT IS GOOD and what makes us HOT, baby, you should totally do x and y to them and it'll be great and yiffy." Well how about, no? You want yiffy vixens, you go draw them, lest you feel the wrath of my sharpened pencil in your eye) Here you find yiffy Vulline and little DuSkai making hot, hot tentacle-based lovin's, and a confused Kiravai wondering where those wings came from. What you can't see is me cringing behind my hands.

Breeze and Mistral. Kiiind of a difference in opinions going on, there.

Mistral is sort of a "parallel Breeze", to those who've not "met" her - in other words, she's Breeze, but from a different universe, and if it wasn't obvious she was created for completely different reasons to "REAL" Breeze...

     “Why do you not dress properly?” Breeze asked, quietly, pulling the bracers onto her feet; her own outfit was very conservative, covering her from her sleek throat to her dainty feet, and the idea of any Kiravai – even these Mirror-universe abominations – wearing anything other than something demure and reserved was… mind-boggling.
     “This is properly,” Mistral disagreed, pinning her froth of feathers into a stylist twist atop her head and out of her eyes. “Why do you feel the need to cover your beautiful body in such a vast quantity of restrictive fabric?”
     “Because it is right to do so,” Breeze folded her arms across her chest, protectively. “It is improper to-… to reveal yourself in such a way. You are not property to be ogled.”
     “Sister,” Mistral insinuated herself around behind where Breeze sat at the edge of the bed, and worked to affect an innocent smile as Breeze jumped up and away from her.
     “Do not call me that-” Breeze threatened, quietly.
     “Sister,” Mistral repeated, lounging casually on the rumpled bed. “You can be so much more than you are, if only you chose to throw off that which society has chosen that you should mould yourself into.”
     “No, you would prefer I became like you,” Breeze disagreed. “Promiscuous. Unprincipled. Vulgar. Morally bankrupt.”
     Mistral smiled. “I can not deny that I should like you for a playmate,” she confirmed, sweetly. “But that was not my intention. Truly, we can learn from each other.”
     “What could I possibly learn from you?”
     Mistral swung her feet back to the floor. “To be less… rigid,” she suggested. “Less inflexible in your dealings with the universe. Come,” she offered her hand. “We shall take a walk.”
     Hesitantly, Breeze took up the offer, and felt Mistral take her fingers. “A walk?” she enquired, warily. “To where?”
     “What does it matter?” Mistral took her hand closer, folded it to her chest.
     “It matters to me,” Breeze almost took her hand back. “Trusting you is not highest on my agenda. I should like to know where you intend taking me before we go anywhere.”
     “All right,” Mistral smiled, and pressed an affectionate Kiravai kiss to the back of her duplicate’s fingers – which did prompt Breeze to snatch her hand away. “We will explore the ship. We will meet my brother’s respected crew. We may even take in our on-board laboratory.”
     “Why would you wish to go there…?”
     Mistral smiled and leaned close to Breeze, brushed her fingers over her shoulders and leaned her nose closer to her ear. “We can fix you,” she breathed, softly.
     “I do not require repairs,” Breeze argued, but was fully aware that her lie was not going to hold water. “I am operating under all normal parameters-”
     “They do not desire to fix the damage they caused to your cortex,” Mistral went on, oblivious. “When they attempted their ill-advised and badly-performed ‘repairs’ to behaviour that was not incorrect. But we can fix you,” she repeated, softly, like a mantra. “No more confusion. No more faulty logic. No more… inappropriate behaviour.”
     “You would not fix me, you would remake me in your image,” Breeze corrected.
     “No longer would you be forced into accepting illogical, invalid decisions simply because they were made by a male,” Mistral’s voice husked lower, sweeter. “No more need to make yourself look stupid for their ego’s behalf.”
     Breeze fixed her gaze onto the far wall and refused to answer.

And finally... Breeze and Ellis. Aww.

     Like most Kiravai he was a fairly light sleeper, and when the mattress shifted subtly beneath him he stirred, blinked sleepily against the darkness. “…what-…?”
     “I was lonely,” a familiar voice murmured, softly. “May I sleep with you, darling?”
     “I thought that was something you did not do,” he observed, nonetheless allowing her to crawl up to him and tuck herself into his arms.
     “I do not,” she confirmed, pillowing her cheek against his soft chest and feeling his arms fold around her, snuggling herself as deep against him as she could. “But I enjoy the comfort. The closeness. And I enjoy being with you, my precious darling, jewel in my world. I would rather be with you while you sleep than away from you while I work.”
     He murmured a faint laugh, and nibbled very briefly at her feathers, and felt a shiver of carnal pleasure at having her naked little body squeezed up to his. “All right, dear. I enjoy having you close to me, too.” At some subconscious level, she felt like a soft pewter-coloured doll in his arms. In spite of knowing she was a lot more resilient than she looked, he barely dared squeeze her too hard for fear of breaking her.


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Mar. 16th, 2007 05:23 am (UTC)
Wings are almost always good, though in this case they'd only be useful for flying in gravities of about 0.1 to 0.3 G (depending on how heavy the creature is - for the wing area required for a human-mass creature to fly in 1g see pictures of a hang glider). Cute though.

Incidentally Steelwing and I speculated that about a possible replacement for jetpacks for flying Kiravai. Jetpacks have all sorts of problems; they're /very/ noisy, they tend to burn up or blow away anything directly underneath them, and they either run out of fuel very quickly or require a portable fusion reactor (which had better be aneutronic fusion if you don't want extreme radiation posioning) strapped to your back. Even with computer control and good instincts, balancing on one isn't easy (very few humans can do it), and current designs are very heavy.

What you could do instead is use a pair of planar electrostatic thrusters. These are under development at present for aircraft propulsion. Essentially they work by using a grid of high voltage wires on the surface, which have a carefully controlled AC signal applied to them to drag ionised boundary layer air along (rather like a supercharged version of those 'ionic breeze' air cleaner devices). Right now we don't know how to make one that would have the kind of thrust density needed to lift a human with a couple of relatively small thrusters, but it is fairly plausible science, is more or less silent and can be powered by anything that puts out enough electricity (e.g. advanced nanotech batteries/fuel cells). You'd still get a fair backblast (to lift 50-100 kilos you have to move a lot of air), but it would be cold and relatively benign. Presumably you'd shape the thrusters into small wings to benefit from limited aerodynamic lift (and hence get longer range) when travelling at high speed. This would be particularly practical for androids as they already have internal high-power electrical sources - the thrusters themselves are potentially quite lightweight and foldable (it should be fairly easy to make them in segments that fold the way feathers do, albeit feathers consisting of a high voltage electrode grid instead of keratin vanes).
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