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I could write pages in here, because right now I'm absolutely furious. The vendor of the property I'm buying? She and her boyfriend have just paid a 1% non-refundable deposit (we're talking a few grand, here) on the property they're moving into. Fine, I did that too. Difference is, their vendor has given them a deadline, and if they go over it, oops, vendor's pulled out. Sooo...

MY vendor is now saying that she wants ME to pay their deposit, if their vendor pulls out because they're taking SO FRIGGING LONG about everything and they miss the deadline.

Their reasoning? My solicitor won't move forwards and exchange contracts.

WHY won't my solicitor move forwards? Because THEIR solicitor hasn't answered all My solicitor's questions.

Questions that are pertinent to you know, CHANGING THE LAND DEEDS and everything, which are essential in the whole buying-a-property thing. And which my solicitor asked, oh, a few MONTHS ago. (Seriously, the vendor's solicitors sound like they're the most useless bunch ever encountered, completely uncommunicative - I know it's poor form, but even MY solicitor occasionally grumbles about them, when I phone up YET again to be told "sorry, nothing yet, as usual" - and who the frig engages a PART TIME solicitor when they're doing something as serious as MOVE HOUSE??)

SEVEN MONTHS. I have been waiting for nearly SEVEN MONTHS. = I have done everything that was asked of me, I've been prompt with my letters and replies, I've had my mortgage sorted and been pretty much ready to move out since OCTOBER, I've PAID my 5% deposit (just over £6000, and I incurred a cost by paying it by electronic transfer SPECIALLY so it wouldn't cause any delay), all I have to do is exchange contracts and I'm sorted! And she somehow thinks I'll just pay her %1 deposit? That I can even AFFORD to pay it?

I've been nothing but patient and accomodating the whole way through this wretched debarcle, I've not kicked up a fuss, I've not repeatedly threatened to pull out (I wish I had, since it was only when THEIR vendor threatened to pull out that things actually started MOVING), I've not ranted and screamed about the terms and fixtures (You want HOW MUCH for a pair of curtains?) and shit, I just want to MOVE IN. My being pleasant does not mean I'm going to be a PUSHOVER, and bend over backwards for them!

Frankly? Having seen the sheer size of their wide-screen television, and leather sofas, and stuff, when I viewed the property, I'm quite sure THEY can afford a grand or two better than *I* can (no, I'm not BADLY paid, but there's only ONE of me). I've already paid several months worth of extra rent (which I could have spent on paying off my mortgage) because it's taken so long to go through. I'm wasting all my annual leave for the same reason, just sitting here by the phone waiting to see what the fuck is going on. And to cap it all, if things don't happen in the next week or two, I'm going to lose my mortgage offer as well.

If someone had told me, back in November (the one time I DID threaten to pull out), that it was going to take THIS LONG to get ANYWHERE, and cause THIS MUCH STRESS, I WOULD have pulled out. I'd have said my fuck-yous and found a proerty I could actually move into. I mean, let's face it - we all joke about how long people can be on waiting lists, but a relative of mine has been on a waiting list for a fairly major surgical operation on her foot, had the operation DONE, been in plaster for eight weeks, and is now back on her feet again, and I'm STILL no further ahead!

*cries with frustration*


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Mar. 5th, 2007 01:24 pm (UTC)
*gives her an obviously needed big hug*
Mar. 7th, 2007 05:55 pm (UTC)
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